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Phelps Women's Matrix Open Back Kneesuit - Baddräkter med ben

The FINA-approved Women's Matrix Open Back Kneesuit is a cutting-edge race suit packed with the latest performance-enhancing technology. It starts with the use of water-repellent fabrics, creating a suit with remarkably low levels of drag. Low drag equals more speed for the same effort. A definite advantage when races are won and lost with such tight margins. Adapted Compression Material Striped fabric offers high levels of compression and progressive stretch in key areas, reducing muscle vibration and contributing to enhanced performance. Elsewhere, Exo-Core technology brings together jacquard (3D) and Flat-Adapted Compression (stripes) engineered fabrics to give you both superb freedom of movement and compressive qualities. Last, but by no means least, Phelps' Sustaining Tape System improves your body position, with more horizontal buoyancy utilizing front and back axis tape, cross-coordinating to improve length and position of your body in the water. Leave your rivals in your wake with the ultimate race suit. The Women's Matrix Open Back Kneesuit cuts no corners in its pursuit of perfect swim performance. Think of it as the no-holds-barred, pure performance hyper-car of the swimming world.

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